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Staying in Hotel Close to Edinburgh Airport

If you're flying at Edinburgh Airport, there are many reasons you might decide to stay at a nearby airport hotel overnight. For one thing, it means you're already close to the airport the night before your flight, making the prospect of catching your flight on time far less stressful.

Some of these next hotels are very close to Edinburgh Airport and offer free parking, so you might consider them as another alternative to using one of the big company car parks or finding a private space somewhere nearby.

So, what are your options? It really depends what you're looking for. Each hotel will, as you might expect, offer different features for different prices. With proximity to the airport in mind, here are your hotel accommodation options within a 4km radius.

Overview of Edinburgh Airport Hotels -- Parking and Transfer

To begin with, there are three hotels that offer inclusive parking (for the duration of your trip, not just your stay at the hotel) and some kind of shuttle transfer to the airport. These are the 4-star Hilton Edinburgh Airport, the 3-star Quality Hotel (of no relation to Quality Parking), and the 4-star Edinburgh Marriott Hotel.

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Hilton Edinburgh Airport

The 4-star Hilton Edinburgh Airport:

  • 2 minutes' drive from the airport, or 5 minutes' walk.
  • They offer a Park and Fly package, which includes one night's accommodation, either for 8 days or 15 days. You can get either a Flexible Rate or an Advance Purchase Rate (which is presumably cheaper but inflexible). Prices vary from month to month, so you'll need to check the website.
  • If you're a member of Hilton Hhonors, this hotel is included in their points and rewards system.
  • They have family rooms available on request to sleep groups of 4, and a business centre with (charged) Internet access.
  • Other features include a 17-metre pool, sauna, steam room and gym, as well as extras such as fitness classes and salon.
  • Free transfer to the airport, taking just 2 minutes.

My conclusion: The Hilton is a more expensive option, but it is very close to the airport and the transfer shuttle is free. The only potential issue with parking at the Hilton Edinburgh Airport is that their website does not specify security measures like many of the big car parking companies do.

Quality Hotel

The 3-star Quality Hotel:

  • 5 minutes' drive from the airport.
  • They offer a Park, Stay & Go package. Their website rather vaguely states that this costs from around £70 per person and to call 0131 333 4331 to book. This includes one night's accommodation, breakfast and up to 15 days' parking.
  • Family rooms for four (up to 2 adults and 2 children) are available. It has all-day dining facilities and 24-hour continental breakfast.
  • They have free wi-fi access throughout the hotel.
  • Transfer to the airport will cost you an extra £1.50 each for a return ticket, unless you're under 13. Airport shuttle departs every 20 minutes.

My conclusion: Though not quite as convenient as the Hilton Edinburgh Airport (as they charge you for transfer to the airport), the Quality Hotel probably still works out cheaper. It really depends on the level of luxury you're aiming for your stay. Again, however, security measures for parking are not specified on their website.

Edinburgh Marriott Hotel

The 4-star Edinburgh Marriott:

  • 15 minutes' drive from the airport.
  • They offer Park & Fly for up to 15 days, starting from £105. Use the promotional code PKF when booking online (not sure how long it will remain valid but it's worth a try).
  • It seems to be primarily an airport hotel for business, with no family rooms sleeping 4 or 5. However, there are amenities such as a spa and gym, as well as many meeting rooms.
  • They have a restaurant and café bar.
  • They have free wi-fi access throughout the hotel.
  • They can arrange a taxi to the airport (currently around £8 one way), or an executive car (around £25 one way). There is also a bus service which costs £3.

My conclusion: There aren't many advantages to the Edinburgh Marriott Hotel, as it's a little farther out and transfer to the airport seems to be quite expensive. You'll have to compare prices for specific lengths of stay to see if it can turn out to be a cheaper option.

Norton House Hotel and Spa

The one other hotel less than 4km from the airport is the 4-star Norton House Hotel and Spa. However, this one only offers parking for the length of your stay at the hotel, not for the length of your trip.

  • 10 minutes' drive from Edinburgh Airport.
  • They don't offer Park & Fly packages.
  • Nominated the AA Scottish Hotel of the Year award 2008/9.
  • They offer a range of rooms and suites, with three restaurants.
  • Located in 55 hectares of peaceful woodland, it offers extensive spa facilities including a swimming pool, sauna, gym, hydrotherapy pools and a mud room (though families should note that there are restrictions on when children can use the swimming pool).
  • They don't seem to offer an airport shuttle service, but you can always ask.

My conclusion:: As an award-winning hotel close to the airport, this seems perfect for one or two night's stay. However, you would still have to sort out parking for the rest of your trip separately.

Conclusion -- Staying near Edinburgh Airport

Which is the best airport hotel? That really depends on your own personal criteria. Quality Hotel works out as the cheapest overall, while the Hilton Edinburgh Airport and Norton House Hotel and Spa both offer more luxurious experiences. The Marriott Hotel, on the other hand, seems more appropriate if you're on a business trip. On balance, I'd say that if you're willing to splash out a little, the Hilton probably offers the best all-round package.

I have covered only hotels within a 4km radius of Edinburgh Airport. The Hilton Edinburgh Airport scores highly in terms of convenience and facilities, but you will be paying for this, especially with the necessary add-ons of meals and drinks which can work out expensive -- especially for a family of four.

  • The Quality Hotel is not the most luxurious hotel but definitely worth considering, as it is reasonably priced and breakfast and Wi-Fi is included.
  • The Norton House Hotel and Spa is not an airport hotel, but I have included it here due to its close proximity to Edinburgh Airport -- and if you are looking to treat yourself before a special holiday then you might want to push the boat out and stay here -- but leave yourself enough spare time to enjoy the facilities. The Marriott is slightly further out but definitely worth considering as a stopover before a flight.
  • There are other hotels a little farther out, such as Novotel Edinburgh Park, the Ardbrae Guest House, Dalmahoy Marriott and the Dakota, all of which are only 10-15 minutes from Edinburgh Airport. The selection on this page is based purely on proximity, so do compare some of these other options and see if they appeal.

You really have to decide what your main criteria are and how long you will be spending in the hotel. If you are arriving late and leaving early the next morning your priority will be to get your head down and so proximity and maybe budget will be the main factors in helping you choose. If you are going to have some time to spare, then maybe look at one of the hotels with leisure facilities -- but remember that some of the activities will be optional extras.

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