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Updated November 2011

How do I find the cheapest car parking at Edinburgh airport?

The answer is research! Prices vary considerably depending on the length of your stay. We've tried to give info on this site that's as concrete as possible on this site, but prices will constantly change throughout the year. You should also look for discounts. Which brings us to the next question...

Should I book in advance?

Yes! I always recommend pre-booking. Not only does it guarantee your parking spot, but it's nearly always cheaper as companies offer advance discounts. Just be aware that discounted tickets may be inflexible -- that is, non-changeable. Links to company websites are be provided on the relevant pages.

Where can I find details on individual car parking companies?

Companies have been categorised on this site according to whether they offer long stay, short stay, on-airport parking, or off-airport parking, along with airport hotels. Some companies may feature on more than one page, but I will always point you to where specific details can be found.

Which car park is closest to the terminal building?

The official Short Stay car parks are right outside the terminal. However, whether you go for on-airport or off-airport options, most car parks are no more than 5 minutes away. Just remember that you may have to wait up to 15 minutes at some parks to catch a shuttle bus.

I need to get to the airport for an early flight. Will this be a problem?

No, most car parks operate 24 hours a day, as do their transfer services. Just remember that you'll have to wait around longer for a coach or bus to arrive in some places than you will in others. If your flight is early, you may want to consider checking in to {a nearby hotel} the night before, to cut out some of the stress of reaching the airport on time.

Is security guaranteed in any of these places?

Security varies, but not by much, and most places offer reasonably secure car parking in the form of 24-hour CCTV, patrols and security fencing. The most secure are those that are Park Mark approved, which means that they meet the standards set by the Police.

Which is the most accessible car park for those with a disability or mobility problems?

Most car parks offer designated parking spaces for Blue Badge holders. Shuttle buses also usually have wheelchair access. Also look out for Meet & Greet services, where a company rep will meet you at the airport. (View Edinburgh Park and Fly and Edinburgh Flying Scot on off-airport, or Low Cost Parking on on-airport.

What if I go over the pre-booked parking period?

Most car parks will charge you the drive-up price for the additional time. It is important to note that the majority of airport car parks charge in blocks of 24 hours, and if your delay takes you over that period, you may well be charged for a whole day, even if you are an hour or two late.

What happens if I need to return earlier than the date which I have booked for?

Generally these companies will have a no-refund policy, but it's always worth asking!

What if I decide to take a different car at the last moment?

Most companies will require prior warning. Many car parks use automated number plate recognition for entry and exit, which they ask you to give when you make your booking, so you may be denied access with a different vehicle.

Are there any car parks which are more environmentally friendly than others?

Some of the car parks do make efforts to offset carbon through various schemes. Secure Airparks, for example (see on-airport) is certified as 'carbon balanced by the World Land Trust.

Remember, more specific details on all the different options are provided throughout this site. Return to Guide to Car Parking at Edinburgh Airport main index, where you will find these options organised according to length of stay and location.

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