Edinburgh Airport Parking Guide

Independent Consumer Guide to Edinburgh Airport Car Parks

Updated November 2011

To make it easy to find the best balance between cheap and good parking at Edinburgh Airport, I've split parking information up into a few simple categories. The first of these relate to how long you need parking for: short stay (generally anything from 15 minutes to a day or two) or long stay (from 24 hours to a week or more).

Short Stay or Long Stay?

  • Short Stay Parking -- Comparison of the three BAA owned short stay airport car parks and quick comparison of third party companies. Overall, BAA Short Stay seems like the best choice for very brief visits.
  • Long Stay Parking -- Official and third party long stay car parks compared by cost, security and ease of transfor. NCP Scotpark wins my overall recommendations for the vast majority of situations.

On Airport Grounds or Off?

In terms of proximity to the airport terminal and where to find these car parks:

  • On-Airport Car Parks -- All 3 on-airport long stay car parks are very similar in features and price. This is where discounts and supersaver rates win hands down.
  • Off-Airport Car Parks -- Comparison of all 4 off-airport car parks for short and long stays with NCP Scotpark emerging as my overall best choice with Flying Scot and Park and Fly appearing to be good contenders as well.

My guide is specifically about airport parking, so all of the parking options researched and provided in this guide, whether on- or off-airport, will provide some means of transfer to the terminal. These are all established companies, either owned by the same people who own the airport (BAA) or by third-party companies.

Hotel Accommodation Options with Parking

You may also want to consider staying over at one of the airport hotels the night before, to remove some of the pressures of getting to the terminal on time if you have a long journey.

Private Alternatives to Traditional Airport Parking

As an alternative to the big airport car parks, you might want to look at private parking spaces, which could work out cheaper, but make sure you check the notes on reliability and potential security issues.

These sections should cover just about everything you need to know, but if you are looking for something specific, or have questions about something that is not obviously covered by the above categories, please take a look at the FAQ. This covers a range of topics, including discounts, security and disabled parking.

Edinburgh Airport Parking Guide Index:

  • Short Stay Parking -- Comparative summaries of the three main car parks, BAA short term, BAA 2 hours and FastTrack based on cost, security, and ease of transfer.
  • Long Stay Parking -- Summary of two long stay car parks based on the main differences: off-airport and on-airport parking.
  • Off-Airport Parking -- Compares Flying Scot, NCP, Edinburgh Park and Fly (and the Meet and Greet offered by this company) based on cost, security and ease of transfer.
  • On-Airport Parking -- Compares Low Cost, Secure Airparks and Long Stay Edinburgh, once again based on cost, security and ease of transfer.
  • Airport Hotels -- Reviews of several available hotels close to Edinburgh Airport focused on transfer options, value for money, ability to group book, etc.
  • Private Parking Spaces -- Cheaper alternatives to big airport car parks from private individuals living nearby.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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