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Snippets from the history of Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle was once the royal residence of Scottish Kings and Queens. Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her son in the confinement of the Castle. You can buy tickets for Edinburgh Castle online (for fast track entry).

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Recently, the Honours of Scotland -- the Crown, the Sceptre and Sword of State have been brought to Edinburgh Castle from England and now reside in the Crown Room. The Honors of Scotland are the most visited attraction within the Castle itself.

Robert the Bruce and William Wallace

Looking towards the Castle entrance from the Esplanade you see two of Scotland's most famous historical figures: Robert the Bruce and William Wallace. They've both changed the course of Scottish history and are both responsible for the Scots winning their independence in 1314 at Bannockburn.

Mon's Meg - One of the biggest siege guns in existance

Edinburgh Castle is also home of Mons Meg, a huge giant siege gun built in Belgium and given as a present to King James II. You may be amazed at its size.

In the 16th century Mons Meg was retired from military service and used only to fire salutes from Edinburgh Castle. Gunstones fired from Edinburgh Castle were found 2 miles away!

The history of Edinburgh Castle is fascinating, starting with its location, Castle Rock, an extinct volcano shaped by the last ice age and continuing with the many times when Edinburgh Castle was under siege and had to change hands.

Edinburgh Castle and the One o'Clock Gun

The One o'Clock Gun in Edinburgh Castle fires every day at exactly One o'clock except on Sundays. The first thing I wanted to know about the One o'Clock Gun is -- Where does the cannonball go? I then found out it doesn't go anywhere because there is no cannonball, not in modern times anyway.

The gun in the Castle is in fact a 'time gun' intended to help ships' captains set their chronometers to the exact time. It is one of those moments most visitors in Edinburgh Castle are eager to capture on camera.

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