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Updated September 2011

Looking for Cheap Coach Tickets? See Mega Bus UK with fares around £5 pound -- the cheapest way to travel to Edinburgh.

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Tickets for any coach journey from Edinburgh operated by National Express, Eurolines and Scottish Megabus/Megabus UK can bought online:

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Tickets and times for bus services between Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth.

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National Express funfares
Tickets for coach trips between England and Scotland (Edinburgh - London, London - Glasgow, London - Aberdeen, London - Inverness, etc).

National Express coaches and fares guide

Save up to 75% on good Edinburgh Hotels near St. Andrews Bus Station

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Edinburgh bus routes (in Scotland)

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Edinburgh - London Coach tickets

The cheapest National Express tickets for the Edinburgh - London coach are:

  • Funfare - Ticket price: £12. Cheapest return ticket is £24 and is made up of two one-way funfares
  • Economy Apex Return - Travel in either direction is on any day except Fridays. Ticket price: £36.50
  • Standard Advance Return - Travel in either direction is on Fridays. Ticker price: £40.

It's worth checking Megabus as well for the London - Scotland routes as their fares can often be cheaper.

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