Stay at the Dalmahoy Marriott Hotel

How Good Is This Country Hotel in Edinburgh?

Why Stay at the Dalmahoy Marriott Hotel,
4-star Country Golf Hotel outside Edinburgh

  • Restored 18th century castle turned into luxury country hotel.
  • Peaceful countryside setting in extensive and beautiful parkland.
  • Excellent leisure facilities and ideal for golf breaks.
  • Location: Located 7 miles outside of Edinburgh in Kirknewton.
  • Rates: Average room price per night: £80-£170 ($125-$267) but special deals can save you up to 50%.

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Dalmahoy Marriott Edinburgh Dalmahoy Marriott Edinburgh Dalmahoy Marriott Edinburgh

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Are you considering a stay at the Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club just outside Edinburgh? You will not be alone as it is a popular hotel for those looking of relaxation or to play golf. With a large indoor swimming pool, a sauna, gym and full health and beauty facilities, this could be a great hotel for winding down and visiting the surrounding area. But is the Dalmahoy Marriott a better choice than other 4-star hotels in and around the city centre and will it live up to your expectations?

I've read hundreds of reviews from guests who have stayed at the Dalmahoy Marriott over the years and the following is a clear and unbiased summary of what these guests really thought of their stay at this hotel.

What's special about the Dalmahoy Marriott Hotel?

  • It is home to two prestigious golf courses and PGA approved golf academy.
  • The rooms are well-maintained and comfortable, with excellent facilities.
  • The hotel offers extensive leisure facilities including an indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, gym, tennis courts and a health and beauty salon.
  • Location: It is located approximately 7 miles from the centre of Edinburgh, set in 1,000 acres of wooded parkland, perfect for relaxing walks around the grounds.

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What do guests really think?

Although there were some criticisms of the hotel, the majority of reviews were positive and many guests said that they would happily return to the Dalmahoy Marriott Hotel.

  • The majority of guests thoroughly enjoyed their stay at the Dalmahoy Marriott and would return again and/or recommend to others.
  • They loved the beautiful and peaceful setting of the hotel set in parkland, although a few found it a little isolated.
  • Some guests who had booked in for a leisure stay felt that the weddings and other events took precedence over the hotel guests as some facilities were closed.
  • The golfers were very complimentary about the facilities and agreed that it was an excellent place for a golf weekend.
  • Many guests agreed that the health club and spa were excellent, well-maintained and very clean.
  • Several guests also said that it was a very family friendly hotel and children are allowed in the pool for most of the day, although some felt that the presence of children made the hotel a little noisy.

The Dalmahoy Marriott Hotel outside Edinburgh

Scottish Tourist Board Rated 4 Star Hotel

Postcode: EH27 8EB
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How far is the Dalmahoy Marriott Hotel from the bus and train stations?

The Dalmahoy Marriott is located in Kirknewton, outside Edinburgh

Visit Scotland star rating: 4 star Hotel
Hotel Reviews: Dalmahoy Marriott reviews

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My Recommendation

The Dalmahoy Marriott received, for the most part, excellent reviews, and there does not seem to be any doubt that it provides good quality, comfortable accommodation and really excellent leisure facilities. However it does seem better suited to certain types of traveller. If you are looking for great golfing or spa facilities then it is definitely one to consider. It also seems very well suited to families.

However, as several of the guests said that it lacks any real atmosphere and is very business oriented, it may not be the hotel for you if you are looking for a traditional or cosy hotel with the personal touch. The location is also very important as this hotel is outside of the city centre. If you do not have a car then you may feel too isolated at the Dalmahoy Marriott, but others may well prefer to be outside of the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

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In Depth Review of the Dalmahoy Marriott Hotel in Edinburgh

Country hotel, excellent for spa and golf breaks. Quiet location outside Edinburgh.
Average room price per night: £80-£170 ($125-$267)

What is the Dalmahoy Marriott Hotel like?

It is an eighteenth century castle, restored to its present use as a country hotel providing extensive leisure facilities and two golf courses. From the reviews it would seem that many people who stay here are golfers or business people attending conferences or other events.

There are also many weddings held there and there is a church in the hotel grounds. Although not specified on the website, there seems to be an old and a new part and some people commented that the new part, while better maintained, was bland and lacked atmosphere.

Four Star Dalmahoy Marriott Hotel in Edinburgh

Dalmahoy Marriott Edinburgh Dalmahoy Marriott Edinburgh Dalmahoy Marriott Edinburgh

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Building and room design

  • There are 215 rooms of various classes including standard rooms, deluxe rooms, period rooms and suites.
  • The majority of guests agreed that the rooms are well-appointed, comfortable and spotlessly clean,
  • However some said that they were a little shabby and it would seem that these guests were staying in the older part of the hotel.
  • Others felt that the guest rooms were very business-like and lacked any real atmosphere.
  • Several guests said that due to the lay out of the hotel it is very difficult to navigate your way around the hotel and find the way to the guest rooms.
  • Internet access is available but chargeable and many reviewers felt that it was far too expensive.

Staff and level of service

  • The majority of reviewers were very happy with the level of service at the hotel.
  • Most guests said that the staff are helpful and professional although some felt them too superficial.

Food and drink

  • There are two restaurants the Pentland and the Long Weekend, and the reviews were for the most part very good, although some thought that the menus lacked any real Scottish influence and others found them too expensive.
  • Most agreed that breakfast was good quality with a wide range of food on offer.
  • It was recommended to make reservations for dinner during conferences and other events as the restaurants are very busy.

Location and parking

  • The Dalmahoy is located just 7 miles from the Edinburgh city centre.
  • There is plenty of free parking available.
  • The park and ride to the city centre is 3 miles away and then the ride into Edinburgh is just 20 minutes.
  • There is a free shuttle service from Edinburgh airport, 3 miles away.

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