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What you must know about Edinburgh Castle before visiting

Edinburgh Castle is not the most beautiful of all Scottish castles but it is Scotland's most famous castle, its number one visitor attraction. The number of visitors to this medieval-like fortress reaches approximately one million people every year. This makes the castle quite crowded during Scottish summers but it's well worth a visit, nonetheless. You can buy tickets for Edinburgh Castle online (for fast track entry).

Fast Track Entry to Edinburgh Castle:
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Few visitor destinations around the world can pride themselves with such an amazing historical attraction in the heart of the very compact Edinburgh City Centre but even fewer can say that their number one attraction sits on an extinct volcano.

Best time to visit the Castle

Ideally, you want to visit the castle and spend a few good hours to explore it in detail. You might also want to be there to witness the One O'Clock gun firing from the Castle's ramparts.

  • If you are visiting Edinburgh in the summer go to the castle early, around 9:30-10:00 in the morning. Explore the castle in detail for a few hours and around 12:30 find a good vantage point for the One O'Clock gun. Edinburgh Castle gets quite crowded at other times of the day.
  • If you are particularly interested in taking great photos, avoid visiting Edinburgh Castle at midday when the sunlight is at its strongest and shadows are harsh. Go first thing in the morning or last thing in the afternoon.
  • During the autumn and winter the sun is quite low in the sky. This gives you the chance to take photos of Edinburgh from the Castle when the sun appears to have just risen or just set. This particular light makes pictures taken from Edinburgh Castle appear unique, indeed.

What's so great about Edinburgh Castle?

Edinburgh Castle has lots to offer to tourists, whether you are in Edinburgh for a mini break or for a longer holiday. The Castle is an impressive fortress waiting to be explored, a hub of history and has splendid views of Edinburgh.

The Castle is also an ideal place for family days out. Children love to explore every inch of this massive fortress and ride the cannons in the Middle and Upper Ward.

The panorama from the castle gives visitors a chance to appreciate Edinburgh's geological variety: hills, sea and extinct volcanoes as well as its man-made skyline.

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