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Which Are The Most Recommended Hotels and Apartments in Edinburgh?

You're probably looking for an Edinburgh hotel in or near the City Centre (Princes Street hotels and Royal Mile accommodation are particularly popular), hopefully cheap but good (or top luxurious accommodation) AND close to all of the major attractions of Edinburgh, particularly Edinburgh Castle and the Old Town. But few, if any, of the central hotels in Edinburgh tick all the boxes and you are likely to have to compromise on some aspect of your stay. So which hotels to choose from?

You can read some of the accommodation reviews on LateRooms, or some of the many travel guides ranking and recommending hotels in Edinburgh but which can you actually trust? Even if you look for hotels on your own there are hundreds of hotels and B&Bs to choose from.

For every one of the following hotels we've read all of the guest reviews posted on different hotel booking websites and created a summary of what people think of it -- the good, the bad, the special. The summary is more objective and balanced as it reflects hundreds of opinions from people who have stayed in Edinburgh.

Checklist for Choosing Hotels in Edinburgh

  • The layout of the City Centre helps you decide whether to stay in a Newington area which is littered with best value accommodation, many with parking). Edinburgh is a very compact city and if you stay fairly close to the city centre you will be within walking distance of the shops, restaurants, bars and attractions but keep in mind that it is also quite a hilly city so walking may be slightly demanding in parts.
  • The location of major Edinburgh attractions. You want to stay in a hotel with easy access to the best attractions in Edinburgh. Many people choose to stay within walking distance of Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street and the Royal Mile. Remember that with most hotels close to the attractions, a room with a view of Edinburgh Castle or Arthur's Seat is likely to cost extra.
  • The price of staying in Edinburgh hotels. You want hotel accommodation that suits your budget and provides the best value for money. Many of the city centre hotels are fairly expensive (there's an excellent choice of Newington area).
  • Your reason for travelling. Most people come to Edinburgh for sightseeing in which case West End is very good). If you are in Edinburgh for the bars and restaurants then consider the lively areas of George Street or the Grassmarket. Many people attending events at the Edinburgh Playhouse choose a hotel within easy walking distance like the boutique Glasshouse Hotel.

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Edinburgh has a variety of hotels ranging from quite cheap to very expensive, luxury hotels. In general, if you research properly you should find a hotel that suits your budget and requirements, although prices do rise steeply at certain times of the year such as at New Year and during the Edinburgh Festival in August when you should consider yourself lucky to find a room at all.

The first thing you must do before setting out in search of accommodation in Edinburgh is to accept that you will have to compromise on location, price or facilities if you want a really cheap hotel deal that still gives you good value for money. Some points about accommodation in Edinburgh:

  • Many of the hotels right in the centre of the city have limited or no parking and it can work out expensive to park your car.
  • You are also less likely to find leisure facilities in the city centre although there are some 4 and 5 star hotels with swimming pool and spa.
  • Many of the hotels in the City Centre are converted Georgian and Victorian townhouse hotels in listed buildings and some do not have lifts. Due to the layout of these old buildings, some of the room sizes in the older converted buildings are less than generous.
  • Lastly, some hotel rooms in the city centre can be quite noisy at night, especially hotels that are in the most popular areas for nightlife.

If you are willing to walk 20-30 minutes or catch one of the frequent local buses into the centre, you are more likely to find a hotel which offers more spacious rooms, better facilities and far better value for money.

When you are working out how much a hotel costs per night, don't forget to take optional extras into account such as parking, Wi-Fi and breakfast.

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