Stay at the Le Monde Hotel

How Good Is This Small Boutique Hotel in Edinburgh?

Why Stay at the Le Monde Hotel,
4-star Trendy Boutique Hotel in Edinburgh City Centre

  • Cool boutique hotel designed for people who love to party and socialise.
  • Small hotel with only 18 suites individually themed after world-renowned cities.
  • Three stylish bars/brasseries and the trendy Shanghai nightclub on-site.
  • Location: Very central location on George Street, near St Andrew's Square and Princes Street.
  • Rates: Average room price per night: £125-£295 ($196-$464) but special deals can save you up to 50%.

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Le Monde Edinburgh Le Monde Edinburgh Le Monde Edinburgh

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Are you considering a stay at the Le Monde Hotel in Edinburgh? This uniquely fashionable hotel in one of the hottest areas of Edinburgh is a tempting choice if you're looking for a fun and cool place to stay in. Le Monde is a trendy hotel, with three stylish bars and its own nightclub, Shanghai. It's perfect for people who just love to party. And if you want to go further afield, there are hip bars and clubs galore right on your doorstep. But is this a better option than other 4-star hotels in Edinburgh?

I've read hundreds of reviews from guests who have stayed at the Le Monde over the years and the following is a clear and unbiased summary of what these guests really thought of their stay at this hotel.

What's special about the Le Monde Hotel?

  • Awarded Boutique Hotel of the Year 2009, Scottish Nightclub of the Year 2007 and nominated for several other awards including Best Scotland Restaurant.
  • Le Monde has just 18 suites, each individually and imaginatively styled after world-renowned cities such as Barcelona, Los Angeles, St Petersburg and Cairo.
  • Hosts extensive dining and entertainment facilities on site, with three very individual and stylish bars including the super-cool Shanghai nightclub.
  • Location: Located on the lively George Street, it is perfectly situated for the nearby bars, clubs and luxury shops as well as nearby attractions on Princes Street and the Old Town.

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What do guests really think?

The tone of the reviews was extremely inconsistent. Whilst there were some excellent reviews on the overall experience of staying at Le Monde, unfortunately there were also many bad reviews, with many guests expressing disappointment in various areas. There seemed to be no 'average' reviews, guests tended to either love or hate Le Monde.

  • Guests appreciate the fact that it is a totally unique boutique hotel, with just 18 suites, each imaginatively named and styled after a city and decorated with a high attention to detail.
  • Several guests rated it a fantastic experience with excellent service, and could not wait to return.
  • Many reviewers, however, complained about the level of noise due to the nightclub and traffic, with many reports of drunken shouting until 3 am. Other guests reported being kept awake by the bottles being put into the recycling bank at closing time and the emptying of bins in the early morning.
  • However, you cannot hear the noise from some of the rooms towards the back of the hotel or on the higher floors, it would seem, with some guests expressing surprise at how quiet their rooms were. Most people who did complain about the noise, however, found that this problem impacted significantly on their enjoyment of the stay.
  • Cleanliness was also the subject of many complaints, with comments from lack of attention to cleanliness to more serious complaints such as scum marks on the bath, hair from previous guests, rubbish left on the floor and even, in one case, broken glass.
  • There were, however, several reviewers, who remarked that the hotel and guest rooms were spotlessly clean, although the negative comments tended to outweigh these.

The Le Monde Hotel in Edinburgh New Town

Scottish Tourist Board Rated 4 Star Hotel

16 George Street,
Postcode: EH2 2PF
Tel: +44 (0) 131 270 3939
Official Le Monde Website

How far is the Le Monde Hotel from the bus and train stations?
0.4 miles (0.7 km) approx

The Le Monde is on George Street, very close to St Andrews Square bus station and Princes Street.

Visit Scotland star rating: 4 star Hotel
Hotel Reviews: Le Monde reviews

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My Recommendation

With so many mixed reviews, it is difficult to make a clear recommendation. Whilst there are some negative reviews, there are equally as many people who have had a fantastic time at Le Monde. What is clear, though, is that this is a hotel for hip young (or young at heart!) partygoers and with free entrance to Shanghai nightclub, the hotel represents the best value for money for guests who are going to make full use of the excellent range of entertainment and dining facilities.

Some reviewers thought that Le Monde was not worth the full room price, and the hotel is on the expensive side, but there are some good deals to be found (in particular the Sunday night deal), where the room is free if you spend £120 on food and drink within the hotel.

There seem to be some issues of housekeeping and service which need to be addressed by the management but if you enjoy partying, the location and facilities make this a great place to stay in the heart of the Edinburgh city centre.

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Stay at the Le Monde Hotel in Edinburgh

Cool 4-star boutique hotel. Nightclub and bars on-site for party lovers.
Very central location on George Street. Average room price per night: £125-£295 ($196-$464)

What is the Le Monde Hotel like?

Le Monde is a fun boutique hotel, perfect for people who love to socialise. The emphasis is on entertainment and partying, and in fact, the hotel seems almost secondary to the dining, drinking and clubbing facilities.

Four Star Le Monde Hotel in Edinburgh

Le Monde Edinburgh Le Monde Edinburgh Le Monde Edinburgh

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Building and room design

  • Le Monde is completely unique, with 18 guest rooms individually named and themed after world cities.
  • There is an amazing attention to detail in the styling of the guest rooms. The Barcelona room has a Gaudi mirror and Miro reproductions, and in the Los Angeles room, a Hollywood sign and photos of Hollywood celebrities adorn the walls. There are also books and DVDs reflecting the theme, such as Arabic music CD's in the Cairo room.
  • Some guests reported that whilst the hotel rooms are amazingly styled and decorated, on closer inspection they need a revamp.
  • There were many reports of things being either broken, missing or otherwise sub-standard in the rooms. This included leaking showers, mouldy tiles and shower curtains, broken TV in the bathroom, lack of any toilet paper, bathrobes being stained and full of holes and plugs hanging off the walls.

Staff and level of service

  • The reports varied greatly on the level of service. Some guests were extremely happy with the attitude of the hotel staff, citing them as professional, polite and genuinely helpful, while others described the service as offhand and even unfriendly.
  • There were many instances where staff seemed dismissive and unhelpful when guests made complaints about the cleanliness or noise.
  • There were some staff named though, who, despite all the problems, did try their best to resolve the issues.
  • Some reviewers complained that the rooms were not ready even after the official check-in time and there were also some cases of mix ups with the reservations.
  • Some reviewers praised the level of service in the restaurants even during busy periods.
  • There were numerous reports of guests complaining about delays or lack of initiative in fixing things such as broken lights, TV, remote control, and fridge.

Food and drink

  • Breakfast was subject to mixed reviews, being described as everything from excellent to average to greasy. On the whole though, there were more positive than negative comments.
  • Dining is one of Le Monde's strengths, with three stylishly decorated bars/brasseries, Vienna, Paris and Milan, offering a wide range of European influenced cuisine.
  • There were many glowing reports on the quality of the food served in the restaurants, as well as the fact that it was reasonably priced.
  • For party lovers, the fashionable Shanghai nightclub, which is very popular with locals, is located within the Le Monde Hotel itself.

Location and parking

  • Le Monde is in the heart of the centre, on George Street, one of the most popular areas of dining and shopping in the city. It is just a 5-minute walk from the railway station and the airport bus terminal on Waverley Bridge.
  • There is no hotel parking, and the nearest paid car park is a 5-minute walk away.

Nice touches

  • There is a popular Sunday night deal whereby if you spend £120 per couple on food and drinks, the room itself is free of charge. Many guests felt that this offered real value for money.
  • Guests receive complimentary VIP access to Shanghai nightclub and a voucher for a welcome drink. This was appreciated and mentioned by many reviewers.

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