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Choosing a haunted and history walking tour from Mercat Tours

Mercat tours is one of the most popular walking tour operators in Edinburgh and the only one to be awarded the 5-star tour rating by VisitScotland. It has the largest selection of walking tours in Edinburgh:

  • 5 haunted ghost walks designed to suit different tastes. They range from a good mix of ghostly tales and history to really spooky, maybe even paranormal underground experiences in the allegedly haunted Edinburgh Vaults. The Ghost Hunter Trail is one of their most popular tours.
  • 2 history walking tours around the Royal Mile and the underground vaults. They explore the City's fascinating but dark, medieval past.
  • Private tours - Mercat tours also arrange private tours which are completely bespoke -- exclusive guide, day time or night time walk, extras such as jumper-ooter, etc.

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Mercat Haunted Ghost Walks

Which is the Best Ghost Walking Tour by Mercat Tours
Ghosts and Ghouls The Ghost Hunter Gallows to Graveyard Ghostly Underground Paranormal Underground
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  • The most popular Mercat tour
  • Most popular Mercat tour
  • Most popular Mercat tour
  • Most popular Mercat tour
  • Most popular Mercat tour
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Tour includes graveyard visit?
Suitable for children?
Best Recommended for
Adult ticket price £8.50 (walk only)
£11 (full tour)
£8.50 £8.50 £7.50 £8.50
Child ticket price £5 (walk only)
£6.50 (full tour)
- £5 £4 £5
Family ticket price £22 (walk only)
£28.50 (full tour)
- £22 £19 £22
Concession ticket price £7.50 (walk only)
£10 (full tour)
£7.50 £7.50 £6.50 £7.50
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes (walk only)
2 hours (full tour)
1 hour 30 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes 1 hour 15 minutes 1 hour 15 minutes
Evening / night tour times (summer) 7pm, 8pm, 9pm (daily) 9.45pm, 10.30pm (Thursday, Friday, Saturday; daily in August) 8.30pm (daily) -
Daytime tour times (summer) - - - 3pm (daily) 4.45pm (Friday, Saturday), 5.45pm (daily)
Evening / night tour times (winter) 7pm, 8pm (daily) 9.45pm (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) 9.30pm (Saturday only) -
Daytime tour times (winter) - - - 3pm (daily) 4.45pm (Friday, Saturday), 5.45pm (daily)

All Mercat Tours guides are university-trained historians and passionate storytellers who like to add dramatic spice to their presentation. The entire Mercat experience relies on the skills of its guides to deliver the ghostly tales and gruesome stories of Old 'Haunted' Edinburgh in an entertaining, fun, if scary way. There are no jumper-ooters on any of the scheduled Mercat historical or haunted walks or other visual or auditory special effects.

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Available walks from Mercat Tours

No other ghost tour company in Edinburgh has a wider selection of walks. The tours available are as follows:

Royal Mile Tour

The tour focuses entirely on the history of the Royal Mile and its myths and legends. The guides use anecdotes and humour to turn dry history into interesting tales. The Royal Mile is the backbone of the Old Town of Edinburgh and no other part of Edinburgh is as rich in folklore and historic significance as this ancient street.

The guided tour presents aspects of life in medieval Edinburgh, events that marked the city's history, stories of famous figures of the past as well as many religious and architectural aspects.

Edinburgh Vaults Tour

A tour to Edinburgh's underground vaults is a unique opportunity to see one of Edinburgh's most hidden places. Two centuries left their print on the vaults where people once lived and merchants once traded. An account of medieval life in such terrible conditions is an enlightening revelation to any tourist.

Haunted Underground Tour

Visiting the South Bridge underground vaults is a unique opportunity to see why it's 'possibly the most haunted place in Britain' according to the BBC. This tour tells the tale of ghostly characters still lingering in the vaults and eerie tourist experiences recorded by Mercat Tours for years.

Ghosts & Ghouls Tour

The first of two late night tours, the Ghosts & Ghouls walk gives a complete account of the Royal Mile's long history of hangings, torture, plague and murder. In an Old Town of Edinburgh that was once horrendously overcrowded, it's no wonder that folklore and legends of ghostly apparitions still walk its streets. This tour also takes you to the vaults and continues with late-night storytelling in an atmospheric tavern.

Ghost Trail Tour

The second in Mercat Tours' series of late-evening walks tells macabre stories of ghosts and dead in the atmospheric setting of Canongate cemetery and the underground vaults.

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