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How Good Is This Discreet Luxury Hotel in Edinburgh?

Why Stay at the Number 10 Hotel,
5-star Townhouse Hotel in the New Town

  • Elegant and luxurious Georgian hotel with oriental-influenced decor.
  • The larger rooms are spacious, with good facilities and Jacuzzi baths for two.
  • Bacchus restaurant on site, offering high quality food.
  • Location: Quiet location in the New Town, near Stockbridge and Dean Village, close to the City Centre.
  • Rates: Average room price per night: £93-£168 ($146-$264) but special deals can save you up to 50%.

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Number 10 Edinburgh Number 10 Edinburgh Number 10 Edinburgh

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Are you considering a stay at the Number 10 Hotel in Edinburgh? The hotel is a tempting choice as this luxurious, oriental-themed hotel is conveniently close to the city centre but in a quiet and relaxing residential area. With Jacuzzi baths in some rooms, this could be the perfect hotel for a romantic weekend. But is Number 10 a better choice than other 5 star hotels close to the City Centre? And will it live up to your expectations?

I've read hundreds of reviews from guests who have stayed at the Number 10 over the years and the following is a clear and unbiased summary of what these guests really thought of their stay at this hotel.

What's special about the Number 10 Hotel?

  • Number 10 is an elegant Georgian townhouse hotel located in a Grade A listed building, with luxurious, Chinese influenced decor, and antique oriental furniture.
  • The rooms are tastefully and individually decorated, with the larger guest rooms and suites offering Jacuzzi baths for two. Some guest rooms also have direct access to the garden.
  • The restaurant, Bacchus, offers high quality, organic food, which is sourced locally wherever possible.
  • Location: Number 10 is located in a quiet residential area in the Stockbridge area of the New Town but it's only a 10 minute walk from the bars and restaurants of Princes Street.

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What do guests really think?

The reviews on Number 10 were extremely mixed and much of this seems due to the various room types on offer.

  • Although there were some extremely positive comments on the spaciousness of the rooms, there were also many guests who reported that they were extremely unhappy with their size.
  • Many guests felt that the amenities and services usually associated with a 5-star hotel were lacking.
  • Many reviewers, even those who had enjoyed their stay, questioned the 5-star rating awarded to the hotel. They did not believe that the hotel offered a 5-star service and a few even felt that the hotel did not live up to the image portrayed on the website. Some also commented that it was over-priced.

The Number 10 Hotel in Edinburgh City Centre

Scottish Tourist Board Rated 5 Star Hotel

10 Gloucester Place,
Postcode: EH3 6EF
Tel: +44 (0)131 225 2720
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How far is the Number 10 Hotel from the bus and train stations?
1.1 miles (3 km) approx

The Number 10 is in Stockbridge, near Dean Village, in the heart of the New Town.

Visit Scotland star rating: 5 star Hotel
Hotel Reviews: Number 10 reviews

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The reviews of Number 10 are incredibly varied, but it was clear that most guests who had stayed in the larger rooms with better facilities had thoroughly enjoyed their stay at Number 10. The hotel may not, however, be suitable for families with children, as some reviewers reported a more quiet and formal atmosphere in the restaurant.

Some rooms might not be suitable for elderly or disabled guests as there is no lift. If you are thinking of staying at Number 10, check the type and size of room and consider whether it would be worth paying extra to stay in one of the larger rooms or suites.

With some guests mentioning that the hotel was over-priced, try to book a less expensive deal on the Internet.

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In Depth Review of the Number 10 Hotel in Edinburgh

Quiet luxury hotel in Georgian townhouse. Located in New Town, near the city centre.
Average room price per night: £93-£168 ($146-$264)

What is the Number 10 Hotel like?

Number 10 is actually made up of two hotels, Number 10 itself, and its annexe, the Christopher North House Hotel, which is located 2 doors away. Although the hotels have separate names and separate websites, they are in fact part of the same hotel. This article is about the Number 10 hotel, however, it also includes opinions from guests who had stayed in the Christopher North House Hotel.

Five Star Number 10 Hotel in Edinburgh

Number 10 Edinburgh Number 10 Edinburgh Number 10 Edinburgh

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Building and room design

  • Each room is very individual in size, facilities, amenities and decoration, which is one of the reasons why the reviews differ so widely. It is however reasonable to think that the small rooms are less expensive than the more spacious, well-appointed ones.
  • The larger rooms have sofas, and some of the suites also have access to the garden through patio doors.
  • The rooms are elegantly decorated in dark tones, which were not to everybody's taste, although most reviewers agreed that they were well decorated and maintained. A few mentioned that the rooms were dusty.
  • There is no lift as it is an old listed building, which may make it difficult for elderly or disabled guests.
  • Many reviewers described the rooms as spacious and comfortable, but equally as many complained that the room was extremely tiny, and there was not enough room to even walk around the bed properly. Several people also mentioned that there was inadequate hanging and storage space.
  • Some guests loved the comfort of king-sized beds, whilst others were not happy that their room had two single beds pushed together, and some people mentioned that the duvet was not even large enough to cover the bed.
  • Some reviewers complained that the room design was not thought out properly. There were many complaints of the kettle lead being so short that it had to be boiled on the floor, and also that there were far too few electrical sockets. Some commented that the focus had been on design rather than functionality.
  • There is no air-conditioning and some reviewers reported that the rooms were very hot.
  • The bathrooms also vary widely in size and facilities and some have a single or double Jacuzzi bath. Some reviewers described them as spacious and luxurious, whilst others thought them tiny and cramped.
  • Many guests complained that the room flooded easily due to the lack of shower screen or curtain, and that there was no toilet holder. A few reviewers even wrote that the wardrobe was in the bathroom which meant that clothes became damp.
  • Even the facilities seemed to vary from room to room, with some rooms having kettles, bottled water, slippers and bathrobes and others not.
  • Many guest rooms have a 42inch plasma TV, although a few guests reported that the reception was bad and the selection of channels very limited.
  • Number 10 is spread over two hotels which means that some guests had to walk two doors away to reach breakfast. Many reviewers felt that this was extremely inconvenient, especially in bad weather.

Staff and level of service

  • Most guests commented positively on the attitude and helpfulness of the staff.
  • Some reviewers reported that they had to wait from 15 to 25 minutes to be served breakfast, as there were often queues to be seated in the small breakfast room. Some also felt that the breakfast times were too inflexible and started too late.

Food and drink

  • There is a restaurant, Bacchus, which offers locally sourced, organic, seasonal food, and whilst there were not many reviews of this restaurant, the majority were extremely positive.
  • Most guests felt that breakfasts were of a high standard, and freshly cooked, although some reported that they were average or that the portions were too small.

Location and parking

  • Number 10 is situated in a quiet area of New Town, just 800m away from Princes Street. Most reviewers felt that it was perfectly located, away from the hustle and bustle of the centre, yet with all the amenities and attractions close at hand. It is also close the financial and business districts.
  • It is approximately a 10 to 15 minute walk from Waverley Station, however as this involves some steep hills, you might consider taking a taxi if you have suitcases.
  • There is street parking outside which costs approximately £1.20 an hour, and the metre has to be fed regularly. The hotel will take care of this for approximately £20 per day. Many guests felt that this was not an ideal situation due to the cost.

Nice touches

  • Free wireless Internet is available, whereas many hotels charge.
  • Some reviewers appreciated that even after the bar is closed, the accommodating night porter will serve drinks at any time.
  • Many guests loved the luxurious Molten Brown toiletries.
  • Guests can use the gym and swimming pool facilities at a discounted rate at the Caledonian Hotel in Princes Street.

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