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Military Tattoo Luxury Weekend Break on the Northern Belle Train

Updated September 2011

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is the unmissable event of Edinburgh's summer festival. What better way to experience it than on a luxury weekend break aboard the Northern Belle, the Orient Express of the North? This train break departs from several locations in the UK: London Victoria, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Newark, Peterborough or York. See other Edinburgh Tattoo Breaks.

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The Orient Express Military Tattoo weekend is expensive but it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see this amazing spectacle in pure luxury. When you're spending this much money you might also want to consider upgrading to a more expensive hotel like the Caledonian Hilton Hotel.

The 20th August departures (available if you live close to Birmingham, Milton Keynes or London) also allow you some time at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh as Sunday is a free day so you can combine always the Military Tattoo with the Festival experience.

The Fringe Festival day trip only allows four hours in Edinburgh so this day trip is more about the luxury of the Orient Express rail experience rather than sampling Edinburgh's Fringe Festival.

Orient Express breaks to Edinburgh for the Military Tattoo from various towns across England including London Victoria, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Newark, Peterborough or York.

Orient Express Military Tattoo Weekend on the Northern Belle

This weekend trip departs from various towns in England on 6th August and 20th August. The journey begins with a four course lunch with champagne and wine and includes two night B&B accommodation in Edinburgh as well as the entrance to the evening performance of the Military Tattoo. Sunday is spent at leisure.

There is also a four course lunch included on the return journey. The weekend trip on the Orient Express costs from £795 per person staying at the Apex City Hotel or from £915 per person at the Caledonian Hilton. Departures are from Newark, Newcastle, Peterborough and York on 6th August and Birmingham and Milton Keynes on 20th August.

The departures on 20th August could also be combined with a visit to the Edinburgh International Festival, which runs from 12th August to 4th September, as Sunday is free time.

Orient Express Military Tattoo Weekend from London

This weekend trip on the Orient Express leaves London on two departure dates, the 6th and 20th August. Two night B&B accommodation and tickets for the Military Tattoo are included as well as four course meals on both legs of the train journey. Prices are from £835 for the Apex City and £955 for the Caledonian Hilton. Passengers on the 20th August departure could also take in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as there is free time on the Sunday.

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Timetable for the Military Tattoo Weekend Breaks on the Orient Express

Calendar for Orient Express Weekend Breaks
Tattoo Weekend - Departure Point Date Departure Time from Departure Point Arrival at Departure Point Price Per Person Booking Orient Express Trips
Newark 6th August 2011 10:00 18:00 from £795 Book Orient Express Trips for 2 gift vouchers
Newcastle 6th August 2011 13:00 15:00 from £795
Peterborough 6th August 2011 09:30 18:30 from £795
York 6th August 2011 11:00 17:00 from £795
Birmingham 20th August 2011 10:15 18:15 from £795
Milton Keynes 20th August 2011 09:30 19:30 from £795
London Kings Cross 6th August 2011 07:30 20:30 from £835
London 20th August 2011 08:00 20:15 from £835

Orient Express Trips to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival

There is only one day trip to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, the Orient Express Edinburgh Fringe Festival day trip on the Northern Belle. This day trip leaves from four cities in the UK and includes brunch on the outward journey and dinner with wine and champagne on the return journey. Departure points are Crewe, Liverpool, Preston and Warrington and the trip costs £295, with four hours free time in Edinburgh to explore the Fringe Festival.

How to Book a Journey on the Northern Belle Orient Express Train

You can book any of the Orient Express trips online on the official Buyagift.co.uk also have some Orient Express day trips listed on their site (but none of the Military Tattoo breaks or Fringe Festival trips are available though).

Hints and Tips for a Day Trip on the Orient Express.

  • This is a formal luxury train trip so smart dress is encouraged and no jeans and trainers are allowed.
  • For an extra special occasion you can buy extras such as champagne, flowers and chocolates which should be pre-booked when making your reservation.
  • Each tour is listed by accessibility on the Orient Express website, so if you or your travelling companion have any mobility difficulties, make sure that you book one which is fully accessible.

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