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Cheap Alternatives for Parking at Edinburgh Airport

Updated November 2011

Private parking spaces near Edinburgh Airport may be a cheaper alternative to staying at one of the large, company-owned car parks. These are usually garages or quiet streets. I've found a few websites where you can find listings of private parking spaces close to Edinburgh Airport offered by Edinburgh locals.

Keep in mind that private parking spaces may not offer the same level of security as the bigger airport car parks, and that also you will usually have to sort out your own transfer to and from the airport. When you can, always check the customer reviews as your best way of determining reliability, though many places may only have one or two.

Alternatives to Traditional Airport Car Parks at Edinburgh Airport

Park At My House

ParkAtMyHouse.com - On this site, you can put in either 'Edinburgh' or 'Edinburgh Airport', as well as the dates and times of your stay, and a list of car parking options will come up. Some of these are as low as £2.50 to £5 a day, which is cheaper than some of the official or third party airport car parks. Some of them are much higher and probably not worth it. Note that some of them offer weekly or monthly rates rather than daily.

ParkAtMyHouse also provides a map so you can see how far each parking space is from the airport.

Your Parking Space

YourParkingSpace.co.uk - Put 'Edinburgh Airport' in the Town/City section of the search form. This one will give you a mix of private parking spaces and some of the companies I've discussed on the other pages of this guide (see guide index below). You can click on a specific parking option to view a map, but this site doesn't seem to provide customer reviews, so be careful.


Parkopedia - This one helpfully positions all your options on a big, interactive map. Again, it offers a mix of private parking spaces and bigger car parks. Though it seems mostly to be the latter, you can set it to view private spaces only be selecting the option at the top right of the map (the blue dot). Click on a listing or a map marker for more details on each option.

NOTE: Be warned, though, that Parkopedia proved to be out of date when I was researching Edinburgh Airport parking for this guide. For private spaces, make sure you get in touch with the owner by clicking 'Contact owner' under where it lists the price, so you can check.

And again, Parkopedia does not appear to provide customer reviews, so be careful.


Private parking spaces definitely seem worth considering, as long as you feel comfortable with their level of security and are able to make your own way to the airport in good time. ParkAtMyHouse.com seems like the most helpful website for to me, focusing exclusively on private parking spaces near the airport and supported by customer reviews to give you a little more peace of mind.

For large car parks run by established companies, take a look at the short stay car parks or long stay car parks guide pages.

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