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Other attractions to see on Edinburgh's historic street

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  • Tartan Weaving Mill and Exhibition - Interactive tour to Scotland's national dress. Visitors can try weaving and also have their picture taken in full Scottish outfits. There is a shop where you can purchase knitwear and other Scottish souvenirs.
  • Spirit of the Tattoo - An interactive visitor experience and shop to the most popular event in the Edinburgh Festival. The Edinburgh Tattoo visitor experience is located in the same building as the Tartan Weaving Mill and Exhibition at the top of Edinburgh's Royal Mile.
  • Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre - An interactive tour that tells the story of Scotland's national drink, the water of life. The tour guide explains the difference between different types of whisky, different areas of Scotland where whisky is produced and then visitors can take a barrel ride through the history of Scotch Whisky. The tour is very well done, grown-ups will enjoy the whisky tasting and kids will love the hologram of the Master Blender and the barrel ride. It also features a whisky shop with lots and lots of different brands
  • Gladstone Land - A classic example of a 17th century townhouse in an overcrowded Old Town of Edinburgh. At six-storey high, Gladstone Land is one of the original skyscrapers. The interior has been refurbished to illustrate a typical Scottish home.
  • The Writers' Museum - A visit to the Writers' Museum brings you the story and works of Scotland's literary geniuses -- Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson. The miniature model of the Scott Monument is of particular interest as is Lady Stair's Close itself.
  • Museum of Childhood - A collection of dolls, puppets, games, puzzles and many other toys from Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian times.
  • John Knox House - The home of John Knox, one of the key figures that were responsible for the establishment of the Protestant faith in Scotland. He is buried on the Royal Mile in the former cemetery behind St. Giles which is now a car park.
  • The People's Story Museum - The museum presents the lives of ordinary Edinburgh folk ranging from medieval times to life in World War Two, the 60s and 80s.
  • The Edinburgh Museum - Formerly known as the Huntly Museum it features information about the city. Of particular interest are the models illustrating what the Old Town of Edinburgh was really like when it was surrounded by walls and the blueprints for the New Town of Edinburgh.
  • Canongate Graveyard - Final resting place of many famous Scots including the economist Adam Smith, author of 'Wealth of Nations'. The graveyard gives a view of the Royal High School, Burns Monument and Nelson Tower on Calton Hill.
  • Scottish Parliament at Holyrood - Controversial building housing the Scottish Parliament. Guided tours are available on business days but you can also visit certain parts of it on your own, such as the debating chamber.
  • Loch Ness Discovery Centre - Kids will be attracted by the walking Loch Ness monster wandering outside the centre giving out leaflets. This is Edinburgh's latest visitor centre and includes facts, illusions, eye-witness reports and also a souvenir shop.
  • Our Dynamic Earth - Housed in a weird-looking metal tent structure, Our Dynamic Earth explores the extremes of our planet from the Big Bang to the ice age and more.
  • Brass Rubbing Centre - Free to visit but costs to try rubbing for yourself. Included are replicas of designs from gravestones and tombs so an odd ghost story or two will make the experience more thrilling.

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