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Do you want to stay in a 4-star or 5-star hotel in Edinburgh without having to pay the usual price? You can always check the Special Hotel Offers for last minute deals but booking a top secret hotel may save you even more. There is a catch, though.

Top secret hotel (be it in Edinburgh, London or in any other city in the UK) is usually a four or five-star hotel willing to let guests stay for a fraction of the regular price. However, they are unwilling to openly advertise these offers for a number of reasons:

Why are secret hotel offers secret?

  • Guests who paid the regular, premium price per night may grumble if they learn that other guests paid significantly less (up to 50% less) than they did.
  • The hotels taking part in the 'secret rooms' scheme may worry that by openly offering discounted rooms they will damage their reputation as prestigious hotels. This may make it more difficult for them in the long term to charge a premium price for their rooms as guests may get used to expect regular (and significant) discounts.
  • The top secrets hotels don't want their competitors (other exclusive hotels in Edinburgh, London, etc) to learn of their discounted room rates.

Basically, the 4-star and 5-star hotels taking part in the secret hotel rooms scheme are able to sell their remaining unoccupied rooms at an undisclosed price (to anyone but you). You win, because you get to stay in a luxury hotel very cheaply and they win because selling hotel rooms for a low price is better than not selling them at all.

What information is available when booking an Edinburgh secret hotel?

While you don't find out the exact name and location of your hotel until after you've completed your booking, you have access to the following information beforehand:

  • Star rating of the hotel
  • Distance from Edinburgh city centre
  • Room price
  • Type of room and facilities
  • General hotel type: boutique, classic, contemporary, etc
  • Guest rating based on reviews
  • Cancellation policy

You don't have access to pictures or any other type of information prior to booking.

How to find a good secret hotel in Edinburgh?

There are only a handful of top secret hotels in Edinburgh and they are all less than 0.8 miles from the City Centre. Based on my knowledge of the city and the well-known location of most four and five star hotels in Edinburgh, I imagine that these 'hidden hotels' are all within a short walking distance from Princes Street, Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile.

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