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Updated September 2011

No train journey in Scotland could be complete without the experience of crossing the famous Forth Railway Bridge, a true Scottish landmark. North Queensferry is a small village on the Fife side of the Firth of Forth with the most superb views of the railway bridge.

Trains from Edinburgh depart every half an hour and the journey only takes about 20 minutes. As the train approaches the Forth Bridge you can see its incredibly tall pillars and feel it in your bones that it is a very special train ride, indeed.

Where to sit on the train

  • Sit on the right hand side until the train is halfway over the bridge to see the small Inchgarvie island.
  • For the second half, look out on the left window to see the Forth Road Bridge and, as you get nearer the end of the railway bridge, look down upon the small village of North Queensferry.

For many, many years, the Scots had a tradition: they would open the train window when crossing the Forth Bridge and throw a penny into the Forth for good luck. Unfortunately, on the modern trains you have today you can't open the windows.

The train station in North Queensferry is located on high ground but as you gradually make your way to the village centre -- only a few minutes walk -- you begin to take in the grandeur of the Forth Bridge.

North Queensferry is a low priority train station, so many express trains going to Edinburgh simply fly past. While you wait for your return train to Edinburgh, you can admire the painted wall in the station illustrating how Scottish school children see this incredible piece of Victorian engineering.

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