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Trains from Edinburgh to rest of Scotland

Updated September 2011

Scotland's rail network is quite limited and train travel is, therefore, complemented by buses and coaches. But it's actually better to go by train to some places near Edinburgh because it's faster, more comfortable and the prices are roughly the same if you get an off peak return ticket.

For train trips in Scotland you have to take First Scotrail, the only local train operator. For cheap train travel remember to take the train after 9:30am when tickets are much cheaper. Buy your return tickets before boarding the train to pay the lowest fare.

Trains from Edinburgh to most places in Scotland are very frequent -- up to one every half an hour or an hour -- so a day trip to Stirling or Dundee gives you plenty of time to explore the towns and return whenever you like on the same day. Remember to pick up a train times leaflet from the Travel Centre at Waverley train station to help you plan your return journey.

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