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Updated September 2011

Although there is a coach service to Stirling, it takes nearly 3 hours to get there while the train takes only 45 minutes. The coach takes a lot of detours to cover the smaller areas on the way so taking the Intercity train is considerably faster and gives you more time to spend in Stirling.

Where to sit on the train

  • The first train stop on the way to Stirling is Linlithgow. Sit on the right side to see the top of Linlithgow Palace, the birth place of Mary Queen of Scots and the distinctive spire on top of St. Michael's parish church.
  • As the train approaches Stirling look out on the left to see Stirling Castle and the Wallace National Monument. With trains going back to Edinburgh every 45 minutes, you have the whole day to wander around Stirling.

The train station in Stirling is very close to the town centre and you can grab a cup of coffee, some sweets or a newspaper, or, if you've been truly unlucky, shelter from he rain while you wait for the train back to Edinburgh.

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