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Updated September 2011

Individual train times for NXEC (which replaced GNER) and Scotrail services can be found on their websites while Virgin Trains use an online planning system for both timetables and ticket booking.

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Tickets and timetables for all train operators servicing Edinburgh
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All Edinburgh train times in one place

All three train operators have an online system in place that you can use for finding timetables and for booking your ticket online. What can be confusing about the operators' system is the fact that they all display the same information, all timetables for all the trains, whether they operate them or not.

All Edinburgh train times - Web links

Online train times for all Edinburgh trains
Includes timetables for NXEC, Virgin Trains and Scotrail trains servicing Edinburgh.

Scotrail Train Times

The timetables published by Scotrail are in PDF format. All train times are for Mondays to Saturdays and Sunday services.

The timetable section on the Scotrail website includes all Scottish routes as well as times for the Caledonian Sleeper, the London overnight train to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness.

Other timetables include bus links to the Borders but more importantly Scotrail connected ferry routes for those travelling to the Hebrides, Isle of Skye and the Orkney Isles.

Scotrail timetables - Web links

Times for Scotrail trains
Full timetable listings for all Scotrail trains.

NXEC (which replaced GNER) Train Times

GNER publishes bundled train times for England and Scotland. The timetables are also available as PDF files for easy printing. There is also an alterations page for timetable revisions.

GNER train timetables - Web links

Times for NXEC trains
Full timetable listings for all NXEC trains including listing of possible alterations to NXEC services to and from Edinburgh.

Timetable revisions

When checking timetables and before you buy your train tickets always check for possible timetable revisions and alterations. These usually happen when essential engineering work must be carried out and most of the times affect services between Edinburgh and places in England.

Train timetable revisions - Web links

Service alterations and engineering works
The National Rail page on current train times alterations and planned engineering works.

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