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Updated September 2011

Travelling by train to Edinburgh is more expensive that other means of transport but it's an efficient, fast and comfortable way to get to Scotland's Capital from other places in Scotland, England and Wales.

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Getting to Edinburgh by Coach

Long-distance coach tickets to Edinburgh from £15. Guaranteed seats on comfortable coach, overnight or daytime journeys.

Flying to Edinburgh, as an alternative to rail travel, involves the added cost and hassle of Airport Transfer to the City Centre while travelling by coach or bus can take too long over long distances.

You want a smooth journey that takes you to Edinburgh as fast as possible and taking the train is a good way to get there without taking anything away from a genuine Scottish experience.

The main train station in Edinburgh, Edinburgh Waverley, is at the very heart of the city so you don't have to budget extra for taxis and buses. Use this Visual Station Finder to see the location of all three train stations in Edinburgh.

Train travel saves you time and gives you a unique insight into the beautiful Scottish countryside. Going by rail to places in the Highlands and on the East Coast is an opportunity to see some of the most breathtaking scenery in Europe and should not be missed.

Train operators servicing Edinburgh:

  • First ScotRail is the only local train operator and covers the entire rail network in Scotland. Scotrail links from Edinburgh are excellent although many smaller places in the Highlands cannot be reached by train.
  • National Express East Coast or NXEC (which replaced GNER) do regular journeys to Newcastle, Peterboroough, York and is the most popular option for travelling from London King's Cross to Edinburgh. NXEC covers Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen and Dundee as part of their London train services.
  • Virgin Trains is the alternative to travelling by train to England like Berwick Upon Tweed, Newcastle, London Euston station and places in between.

All train services between Edinburgh and other Scottish towns are run by First Scotrail, the local train operator. When you travel between places in England and Edinburgh you can only choose between NXEC and Virgin Trains.

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