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Updated September 2011

TheTrainLine booking system is used by all the main train operators servicing Edinburgh: Scotrail, National Express East Coast (or NXEC, which replaced GNER), Cross Country, First TransPennine Express and Virgin Trains. You can use it to buy tickets for trains between Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland as well as other places in England and Wales.

You can check train times and fares without registering, even use the excellent Cheap Ticket Alert Service but you must register in order to buy your tickets. Once booked, you can collect the tickets from a Self-Service Ticket machine at the station or have them delivered to you.

How to use The Train Line

  1. Enter your departure point (From:) and destination (To:) in the Quick Tickets and Timetable form on the left of this page.
  2. Enter your outward travel date (Out:) and time as indicated. If you are flexible about when you want to travel, it's best to use the Best Fare Finder tool instead which gives you an instant overview of the cheapest available tickets for up to 2 months in advance.
  3. Enter a return date (Return date:) as well to see fares for return tickets which are generally, but not always cheaper than two single tickets.
  4. If possible, choose to travel after 9:30 am (peak time) on both your outward and return journeys. Don't leave more than 1 month between the outward and return dates.
  5. Click Continue. You will be taken to the results as displayed by TheTrainLine website.
  6. Choose to find Earlier or Later trains for both journeys, if necessary, and click the Check Availability and Prices.
  7. You now have all the fare options for the chosen time frame. Click on each ticket type for more information and when you are ready to proceed check the radio button for the desired train journeys and hit Go.
  8. Continue with delivery method, registration and payment.

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