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Getting to Edinburgh by Bus

Megabus/Scottish Citylink bus tickets to Edinburgh from £1. Travel from Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee, Perth and more.

Reviews, prices and bookings for Edinburgh Vaults Tours: Edinburgh Underground Night Walking Tour.

The Edinburgh Vaults
Account of tour taken in the Edinburgh underground vaults.

Photos of Edinburgh Vaults
Pictures taken while on tour in the underground vaults.

Edinburgh Vaults Paranormal Investigation
Findings of an investigation carried out by the Institute of Paranormal Research into the unusual activities reported to be occurring in the underground vaults in Edinburgh Old Town.

Edinburgh Vaults Sleepover
Account of a night spent in the vaults for charity.

Underground Edinburgh
The underground vaults as venues for Scottish entertainment.

Mercat Vaults Tour
Details on Edinburgh vaults tours including tickets, tour times and meeting point information.

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