Edinburgh Train Station

Waverley station in Edinburgh City Centre

Updated September 2011

The Edinburgh Waverley train station could not be more centrally placed. It is located right on Princes Street, Edinburgh's main street. The rail tracks and station itself are wedged between the New Town and the Old Town in a most ingenious way. Use this Visual Station Finder to see the location of all three Edinburgh train stations (Waverley, Haymarket and Edinburgh Park) in the city.

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The trains emerge from the station and run across Princes Street Gardens but you cannot see them. The rail tracks are well secluded behind the trees. If it weren't for the noise made by trains, you'd never know that there's a railway cutting through the heart of Edinburgh's magnificent City Centre.

Access to the Waverley train station is made via the Waverley Steps next to the Balmoral Hotel or via the taxi ramp on Waverley Bridge. The train station is nice and clean, not very big, so finding your way around is easy. The huge train times screen are placed near the main platforms and can be spotted very easily.

Waverley Train Station at a glance

  • There are cafes, fast foods, a Marks & Spencer Simply Food outlet and newsagents at the Waverley train station where you can get newspapers, books, magazines, sweets and food to go for your train journey.
  • The Travel Centre where you can buy train tickets or make inquiries is located in the main hall. The service is efficient and queues move along quickly. You can pay by credit card or cash.
  • Train times are also available from the travel centre at Waverley. Pick up a leaflet for the service you're using and take it with you when you're taking a train trip around Edinburgh. It comes in handy when you want to catch a train to Edinburgh later in the day.
  • Access to the main train platforms at Waverley train station is made by using your ticket to get past the barrier.

Taxis, car and transport from Waverley train station

The taxi rank is located adjacent to platform 10. The taxis are typical British black cabs. They are very spacious and can accommodate at least 5 passengers. Most cabs are also wheelchair accessible.

Hiring a car can be done at the train station itself upon arrival or you can make a reservation in advance online and simply collect the car at the train station.

Car parking at Edinburgh's main train station may pose a problem due to limited space and high cost. The alternative is taking the bus to the train station. Most buses go to Princes Street itself, anyway, which makes it unnecessary to take the car.

To get to or from the airport to the train station in Edinburgh you can take the blue Airport shuttle bus from Waverley Bridge just outside Waverley station. You can also take taxis but that is generally quite expensive. An airport rail link connecting Edinburgh Airport to the City Centre will be developed over the next few years to make transfer easier and faster.

How to get to the Waverley train station

To reach the train station by foot, simply walk along Princes Street in the direction of the Balmoral Hotel. Just before it you see the Waverley Steps. Go down the steps to enter the Waverley train station.

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