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The Cadies & Witchery Tours

Witchery Tours are the second-most popular ghost tour company in Edinburgh. Their trademarks are, without a doubt, their 'deceased' guides, Adam Lyal and Alexander Clapperton. Their ghost tours are also well known for the 'jumper-ooters', the costumed characters you get to meet on tour, willingly or not, at the most unexpected times.

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The Witchery Tours are well researched using information from city records, library documents and historical archives. The walks focus more on the gore and gruesome, Edinburgh's ghosts, plagues, hangings and tortures rather than history. While the facts are well researched, the tours are meant to be funny, not serious.

The tour company takes its name from the famous Witchery Restaurant on the Royal Mile's Castlehill, just below Edinburgh Castle.

Available walks from Witchery Tours

The Cadies & Witchery Tours have two walks you can choose from:

Ghosts & Gore Tour

This tour of the Old Town of Edinburgh includes accounts of tortures, punishments and executions that the medieval town witnessed over the centuries. Alexander Clapperton is the guide on this tour and costumed characters will also make short apparitions during the walk.

Murder & Mystery Tour

The second tour available from the Witchery Tours also takes in scenes of tortures and murders but focuses more on the supernatural by sharing stories of famous ghosts allegedly still haunting the Old Town of Edinburgh. Adam Lyal is the guide on this tour.

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